Put together some straight forward painting instructions for a mate I’m seducing in to the game.

They are really straight forward…and not perfect! However, having watched dozens of how-to videos, I had to put together a simple guide to make it easier for myself to follow.

The paints I’m using as a novice are in brackets.

Beginner’s guide: Painting Gaslands heaps guide

1. Take car apart

2. Add bits

3. Prime – Halfords grey is fine

4. Paint metal bits – dark metal (Vallejo gunmetal)

5. Dry brush metal bits – light metal (V natural steel)

6. Paint base colour/s – don’t worry about neatness, you can rust up shit bits

7. Paint/sponge rusty bits and around scratches – brown, orange, bit of simple blending

8. Add chips and scratches – light metal paint

9. Add a wash – perhaps browny rust, hit the mistakes( V rust wash)

10. Dry brush sand onto wheels, bottom and exposed likely areas to be hit ( V dark sand)

11. Optional: add highlights

12. Glue together( optional: fix wheels)

13. Done

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