Making your car look like a heap: simple painting guide

Put together some straight forward painting instructions for a mate I'm seducing in to the game. They are really straight forward...and not perfect! However, having watched dozens of how-to videos, I had to put together a simple guide to make it easier for myself to follow. The paints I'm using as a novice are in … Continue reading Making your car look like a heap: simple painting guide

The Tangerine Dream

So, still not getting the paint sorted. Although I am getting my arse into painting wheels and hubs. Splashed in a bit of matt varnish too. Tried to scratch build an oil spreader, but it can't really be seen too well in the pic. a little frustrated once I've sealed them that there are obvious … Continue reading The Tangerine Dream

Back to black

So, I am amazed that the priming coat unifies everything and restores your faith in your initial ideas. It's also made me realise about placing bits on symmetrically as soon as it touches the glue! Now I just need some other base colours...yellow? Racing green? A nice blue?

Starting gear

Vallejo Model Colour gunmetal Vallejo Model Colour natural steel Vallejo Model Colour light orange Vallejo Model Colour violet red Citadel Chaos Black Spray Primer Superglue Plasticard A4 0.75mm white £1.50 Expo knife £2.50 A5 embossed plasticard - double diamond £3 Wilkinson's paint brush set - about 10 brushes! £1.75 Wilkonson's blusher brush - £2 Most … Continue reading Starting gear