The rocks are done. They didn’t come out as expected, unfortunately.

The painting done with Moonlight white and Biscuit Crunch paint testers from Wilkinson’s for £1.25. The former for dry brushing, the latter for the base coat. I go the hang of the dry brushing after a while, but I messed it up several times.

For the wash I used two lots of acrylic paint – each tube costing about £2.70. Lots left. Probably a little more water, and then a teaspoon of rinse aid.

The wash wash a lot darker than I expected – perhaps I shouldn’t have added any black. It also killed my hard won dry brushing. Apart from the sealing they are done, but I’m erring towards doing the dry brushing with highlights again. But I am completely unsure whether this will destroy them completely.

Overall, this was a cheap project, and it would only cost me another pound to do the same again, as I’ve still got mdf and paint, but I’m lacking the plaster bandage. As I made them for both Legion and Gaslands, I feel the are not ‘desert’ enough in colour. however, I’m quite pleased with the ramp and its ‘used’ effect.

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