All the inspiration here is from Terrain Tutor – . He made it look so easy, so I thought I would have a quick experiment.

What I used:

  • Newspaper
  • Sellotape
  • Multipurpose filler
  • Plaster bandage £1 from Hobbycraft
  • 6mm mdf

How long did it take?

  • 15 mins – cutting and shaping the bases
  • Paper and bandaging – 20 mins
  • Filler coat 20 mins

I cut some mdf which I had laying around. Big saw and then a Dremel to shape and bevel. I made lots of balls of newspaper and taped them. Balancing roughly on the bases, I tried to create non-gravity defying irregular and organic shapes for the rock formations.

Cutting the bandage into thinnish strips, I wetted them and applied them – trying to get them into the crevices and in contact with the base.

I left them for a couple of hours to dry and the smoothed the bandages using the filler and a little water. Any finger lines I tried to redirect so they were horizontal – imitating striations.

So, next step the painting! Eek. However, I will have three pieces of terrain for Legion and Gaslands.

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