So there are three of us. Geeky game players, living in different towns in the UK. With mileage and kids, the three of us gather together rarely. However, when we go we are keen game players.

Our game of choice is currently Star Wars Legion. My friend treated himself to it last year, and spent the next 6 months falling in love with paining the miniatures – oh, they are now a wonder to behold! Consequently, it wasn’t until Xmas that we intermittently played it. It still takes a very long time to play…4-5 hours for a 800 point game. Enjoyable as this is, when only two players can realistically play, one of us lays on the floor with a hangover – great recovery time.

Before this the other two of us invested in Star Wars X Wing. Occasionally it comes out, but Legion has dwarfed it, and with the 2nd edition arriving the game fell a little flat.

So last week, after 14 hours of Legion( only 3 games!) I decided to see if there was any table top miniatures game that we could build our separate squads for and not cost the earth to play at a proper level. Also a game that would not take forever to play.

I fancied Malifaux but again the price seemed to knock it out. Then I spotted Guild Ball and got very excited about that. We could house our own teams individually, and develop them as we each individually wanted. No board was needed, so it meant we were free to play when there were just two of us around. It did sound like it would take a while to play, but the basic outlay was relatively reasonable – £20-30 each.

I then fell upon Osprey Games Dracula’s America. This seemed to be a shift – £20 for the rulebook and then you by the miniatures yourself – without limits. It seemed a potential option.

However, the I found Gaslands! Only £10 for the rulebook and hotwheels needed. It already seemed a bargain. I could print out the dashboards and movement templates. However, the game only took about an hour and would allow all of us to play simultaneously.

Buying the book and discovering the community seemed to consolidate the choice. It seemed easy to learn and cheap to run.

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